“Procrastinating: A habit …, A culture of Filipinos”

We all know that procrastination is a tendency of someone whenever he/she doesn’t feel to make his/her works earlier the date of deadline. Procrastination is very alarming, since this practice might be brought by someone until their collegiate days, or even in their work mannerisms, which is very difficult for them. This eventually become a habit, and became a culture Filipinos might find as a normal thing.

Procrastination – according to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition – is “to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness; to postpone or delay needlessly.” Meaning, you have to do something before you do the work. You became busy of something to be able to get past that work that is needed to be done.

Procrastination brings several negative effects to the students when they practice it doing it. As stated above, it is a difficult thing for someone when he is into procrastination. Also, they always seek for the things that is more interesting to them and where they’re fond to, than those that would make them more productive. For example, a student was given tasks to be done, but then he became lazy, so he procrastinated, until the day before the deadline. With this situation, the boy tended to rush things, that makes his/her work inefficient and ineffective. Procrastinating makes someone a procrastinator in easy things and in hard things; he chooses neither of the situation, he just procrastinates.

Procrastination is however the same way as the Filipino habit called as “Maniana (Mañana) or ‘Mamaya Na’ Habit.” This habit of Filipinos is a negative attitude wherein people tends to say “Mamaya Na” in the things they see difficult to be done, or things that may affect the time they took in the other things they prioritize first. For example, a boy was asked by his mother to wash their dishes, but since the boy was doing his assignments, and he still needed more time to finish it, he told his mother “Mamaya na po, may ginagawa pa po ako…” What the boy has done really is bad, since rules are rules; they’re needed to be followed, and leaving chores behind may make them neglected, until left tasks are dumped.

Procrastination & Mañana Habit needs to be prevented, not stopped, because stopping this is a very hard thing to do, but preventing it might work. As said in a famous quotation, “prevention is better than cure.” With these attitudes, the nature of people will not change, and the society he lives to as well. We became hopeless – hopeless of growth that might bring if procrastination is not practice by the people. We become as productive as we can if we tend not to procrastinate.

Even though our society considers procrastination as a habit…, a culture within ourselves, we could still make a difference.

“Due tomorrow, do today…No more.”


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